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Opening A Tea Shop Online


It can be a great idea to open up a tea shop over the internet if you're passionate about this drink. It helps in making additional income by selling tea while enjoying different types of tea across the globe at the same time. As being a small tea shop owner, you might start your own company using the internet and a computer.


This seems to be easy but making your tea business online become a success is quite a challenge. To be sure that you're on the right path of opening and running your tea business, here are few considerations that you must be mindful about.


Tip number 1. Know more about the tea - there are basically 6 major kinds of tea from kettl.co which include green, dark, yellow, white, black and oolong tea along with thousands of brews, names and blends within the said groups. Tea has great significance in different cultures and touted for its health benefits. If you have a tea shop, then you'd be expected to ask several questions about it. You have to be knowledgeable as well on the regions to which your tea will come from, processing methods, its health benefits and above it, proper storage for different types of teas.


Tip number 2. Register your business - you have to make sure that your business is registered with the IRS. Fill out the application which provides pertinent details regarding your tea shop online. The moment that you are registered, an EIN or Employer Identification Number will be submitted for tax purposes.


Tip number 3. Build your online presence - you may sell your Kettl houjicha tea through different established e-commerce websites but, it is recommended to create a website of your own. Work with a decent and reputable company who can help you in building an appealing tea shop online. Also choose dependable web hosting company to host your shop and see to it that the service is stable.


Tip number 4. Buying tea - it is ideal to buy tea in wholesale but select teas carefully and be sure that it is popular together with rare specialties that may attract individual customers. Consider covering more types of teas that originate from Japan, India, China as well as Sri Lanka and include as well Puerh, oolong, white, black, green as well as other unique blends. If this is a home based business, then it is likely that you don't have much space to stock your inventory. In this case, it will be preferable to have a drop shipping arrangement at first. Discover more facts about teas at http://www.edition.cnn.com/2007/HEALTH/06/19/pl.tea/index.html.